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Gutter Installation

New Wave Gutters installs entire new gutter systems for new-construction or existing residential homes or commercial buildings all around the greater Rochester area. We provide Free estimates and have numerous references to back up our work. We are professional gutter installers in Rochester. [ Read more ]

Gutter Repairs

Ice damage, heavy snow and rain is a part of life when you live in or near Rochester, NY. New Wave Gutters is your local experienced, professional gutter repair service center when nature takes it toll on your gutters. Unlike many other contractors, gutters, soffits and fascia repairs are all we[ Read more ]

Power Washing

New Wave Gutters offers complete power washing services for your home or business. Power washing not only restores a surface to like-new appearance, it also helps to prolong the useful life of the materials. Decks - all types Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Walkways - brick, pavers, concrete or ot[ Read more ]

Underground Drainage Systems

Tired of seeing those downspouts sticking out into the lawn? Underground drain systems fix this problem and also improve getting water drained away from your home's foundation. An underground drain system consists of pipes underground as an extension of a gutter downspout. The purpose is to get the [ Read more ]

Gutter Cleaning

Don't risk injury! New Wave Gutters will clean your gutters for you. In fact, we can greatly reduce your gutter maintenance by installing gutters screens to keep large debris that cause frequent gutter clogging and overflow out. Learn more about gutter screens here. clogged_dirty_gutters

Gutter Color Options

Most of our customer never realized just how many gutter colors are available. Aside from typical aluminum seamless gutters, we also install copper gutters and galvanized gutters too! Here are some color and metal samples:


Gutter Screens

New Wave Gutters can install gutter screens to prevent large debris such as leaves and branches from clogging up the gutter and downspout. This will reduce your gutter maintenance dramatically but not completely eliminate it. We recommend having your gutters cleaned and flushed once a year to rem[ Read more ]


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Seamless Gutters

New Wave Gutters makes seamless gutters right on-site to fit your building exactly as it should. Seamless gutters are created by moving rolled sheet aluminum through a special machine which produces a perfectly formed K-style gutter in just seconds. We make every gutter to specification in either [ Read more ]

Half-Round Gutters

Click images for full size view!
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • 5 and 6 Inch Gutter Sizes

Gutter Sizes

Our seamless gutters come in 5, 6 and 7 inch gutter sizes. Five inch gutters are common for residential gutter systems while 6 and 7 inch is more common for many commercial gutters systems. Click images for a larger view! Typical Hanger Types The days of using gutter spikes [ Read more ]

Damage From Faulty Gutters Can Be Prevented

Rain gutter water damage
Foundation water damageFoundation damage and basement flooding are just two of the most common symptoms of poor drainage, often caused by improper or damaged rain gutter systems. Lack of gutter cleaning or maintenance and ice damming can also lead to interior wall damage, rotten wood, mold and mildew damage as well. Improper, inexperienced gutter installation can cause this too, but you may not know it until it’s too late!

New Wave Gutters, Inc. has been inspection, repairing and installing residential and commercial rain gutter systems in the Greater Rochester area for decades. We provide full service:

  • FREE Estimates
  • Seamless gutter installation
  • Gutter repairs
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Soffit and fascia work
  • Power Washing and more!

Our seamless gutters come in 5, 6 and 7 inch gutter sizes. Five inch gutters are common for residential gutter systems while 6 and 7 inch is more common for many commercial gutters systems.

Our Areas of Service for Gutter Installation and Repair Include:

Avon, Bergen, Bloomfield, Brighton, Brockport, Byron, Caledonia, Canandaigua, Chili, Churchville, East Rochester, Fairport, Farmington, Gates, Genesee County, Greece, Hamlin, Henrietta, Hilton, Holley, Hulberton, Industry, Irondequoit, Le Roy, Lima, Livingston County, Macedon, Marion, Mendon, North Chili, Ontario, Ontario County, Orleans County, Palmyra, Penfield, Pittsford, Rochester, Rush, Scottsville, Spencerport, Victor, Walworth, Wayne County, Webster and Williamson.

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  1. Gary says:

    Need bill of sale and the dirt leveled so I can seed it both spots water running to house the one in fri omit at least take pride hope this is done by Fridays don’t want problems I’m sending this ago in I don’t think the others went throw

  2. Gary says:

    I read my mail can’t read it I expect to have the ground leveled by Friday and bill of sale warrenty

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    We’re happy with our new copper gutter, however we now need a copper drip edge installed behind the gutter.
    Please contact us with a price and a date when you can d it.

    Barbara Galasso
    36 Dumont Street
    Rochester, NY 14617

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